Travel light. 5 ways how to do it right.

Date: March 19, 2019

Plan your trip; planning is half way to a pleasant and joyful trip. So they say…
Before you head out, literally take out your “travel light”- mini suitcase that fits into the cabin luggage standards. Put you `must haves` and remember – there is nothing better than `travel light`, `worries light` and the `approach light` motto to begin your trip with.

Still, you have to begin with some basic “luggage stuff” that will make your life easier:

1. First of all put your cosmetic – hygiene ‘must have’ items (even if you forget something you can always buy it at the duty free aria or in any market on your way)

2. Two t-shirts / shirts or blouses; two light dresses / pair of jeans, shorts or pants; two pair of shoes / sandals / sneakers (one of which you’ll put on your feet): lingerie & some socks and a swimming suite

3. Good book / a guide book or a magazine for traveling hours

4. Jacket / sweater / coat (depending on a season). Rain coat or an umbrella, I never take, since you can grab it somewhere on your way if its raining like ‘cats and dogs’ really

5. Hat / cap / scarf / sun glasses or a ‘foulard’ to cover yourself up in a chilly airport spaces or planes (it’s handy to have it also if you are visiting some religious place with restrictive rules)

All that wrapped up in a smile, positive attitude and a pocket “full of gratitude”.

Carpe diem!