Fresh Starts 2021 – Tourism Trends

Date: June 19, 2021

Croatia has it all from travelers perspective: beautiful landscapes, intriguing history, easy going lifestyle, interesting cultural background, welcoming people, extraordinary food & wine and stunning Adriatic in combination with a mild Mediterranean climate. Who could have wished fore more.

Nevertheless, 2020 has brought us some new perspectives where only the ones who will be able to adjust, will play significant game changing role on the tourist market. And… the change is certain for the days ahead of us.

Walks and Talks, @toursforculturalnomads, has made some adjustments to face new realities that we are approaching. Fresh starts might bring us some new things: disappearance of mass tourism, decrease in demand of all inclusive arrangements, less crowded historical cores, less groups coming from a cruise ships etc. “World traveler” might pay more attention to details with an emphasis to: where, who and how they will interacting with others.

Some of that can be put under the common denominator “a positive things” that pandemic has brought to us. Watching it from the side of the coin, all these “resets” might bring us something more.

This “new travel age” will have “an urge” to keep everything more focused; provide less physical contact with specialized, thematic experiences. That is why we are looking to provide all the bookings and arrangements on line only. And while technicalities are easy to adjust, we are wondering how to provide unique experiences when at the same time our faces are covered with masks and smiles become invisible. How are we going to meet and experience “locally”, participating closely in what people do, eat, think and what do they have to offer. All those challenges have made us think to find best possible solutions.

While we are working on designing custom made cultural tours that can secure unique cultural experiences for less people to confirm the quote: “less is more”, we realize it should all be made under the common line of: being safe & staying healthy and in line with the regulations. Even though, we have always been in that line, our main goal is to provide “content above form”, pull out all the benefits of individual approach being focused on special interest only. Travelers will have to know know what to expect, where are they going, be able to interact, ask, participate and gain what’s best of a certain destination. We are looking for culture, know where the path might lead us and on that track seek for pleasant surprises. As long as we are loaded with “know how” abilities, possibilities of certain logistic benefits and knowledge, we are certain we can’t miss.

While we are working on it, we are excited to offer some new designed culture focused tours such as “Dubrovnik Life through History” and “Unique Island of Vis – Dalmatia’s Sleeping Beauty”. We are also reconsidering to introduce Dalmatia inland gourmet experiences with some local “wine-ing and dine-ing” delicacies.

We’ll be informing you about all the details on each and single one of these tours and certainly love to hear your feedbacks and propositions what else might interests you and in which direction we should go.

Until then keep safe, healthy and stay tuned!

With that on our mind, in the meantime we became proud owners of an official label

mark: “Safe Stay in Croatia & Safe Travels”, of the Croatian Tourist Board.