Croatia, the Star on the Horizon in Traveling 2020

Date: December 12, 2019

That Croatia is the new star on the horizon in the travel market is not news any more. It begun to twinkle “grand style” in the beginning of a the Millennium and now it shines for more than a decade.

Virtuoso Travel analysts has named it the “hotspot” in their ultimate @luxereport made by “experts of the experts” that advise travelers where to go, what to do and how to spend their holidays. So, it seams that “the Star” is there to remain.

No matter if it’s about singles holidays, couples romantic getaways or new upcoming millennial way of traveling, Croatia is rated high on the list among some ever-popular competitors worldwide.

And who are we to disobey?!

According to Virtuoso, in the category of the most popular emerging destination, Croatia has been listed number one, and has left behind destinations such as Antarctica, Island, Japan and Portugal.

At the same time in the category of the best millennial destination our country took the third place, after Greece and Bali, and before Island and Cambodia.

Croatia has also been listed among top 5 global destinations, after Italy, Greece, France and Japan.

Virtuoso® Luxe Report represents the annual report based on the survey carried out among the world travel agencies and the travel advisers, members of Virtuoso network. Virtuoso represents the network of the best American luxury travel agencies with more than 20.000 advisers all around the world. Therefore they are more than reliable source to tell what’s going on a demanding market of luxurious voyages.

We, who work in a travel industry and make our destination a place of “extraordinary experience” are more than proud, inspired and motivated to create interesting routes, tell the untold stories and  open unfolded curtains. With that on our mind, we are preparing some amazing daily excursions, opening some well known paths in a new way and can’t wait to share that with you in 2020.

Stay tuned with Walks and Talks, @tourtsforculturalnomads.