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ABC on Split and Five “Should Know” Facts

Date: March 25, 2017

Being the capital of Dalmatia (Croatia`s most Southern, out of four historical regions) Split is the second largest city in whole country. Its city core – Diocletian Palace protected by UNESCO from 1979 is the number 1 on the list of “must see and hear” places in Split and the “daily living room” for many locals. Thinking about it all, here are my most favorite facts and figures that can intrigue you before applying to any tour:

~ Capital of Dalmatia, the city of Split has at least 2.000 years of long history of civilization and it`s regions name Dalmatia is preserved until today, from the time of the ancient Romans that named the East Adriatic coast by the same name

~ Diocletian’s palace is an architectural gem, not by any chance one standing building but a 30.000 square meters of living space embraced by a wider historical core incorporated within a modern city

~ Nearby islands (Brač, Hvar, Šolta) makes Split one of the most visited towns, the leading
destination in 2017 in Croatia for a reason! To experience at least one of the islands, is
another `must do` once you are in Split. It takes less than an hour to get to any of those three

~ Split’s narrow, picturesque streets and corners will inspire your with unforgettable Mediterranean
charm and its vibrant spirit will make it diverse and unique. Therefore do not miss to mingle and
chat with a locals – on the open Split Fish or Green market or at any other spot in Dalmatia

~ To be in Dalmatia and not hear about its culture, turbulent history and mixture of outside and
inner worlds is like getting here and missing “the point”

No meter, if you have just a few hours, half & full day available, we will advise and give you some wonderful ideas how to spend your precious time in the capital of Dalmatia.

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