10 Must Haves for a Beach Getaway in Dalmatia

Date: March 6, 2019

I like colors of the Spring and warmth of the Summer… “light clothes”, sparkling sunshine, summer jam and the clear, blue sea!

Being on that track, looking forward to Dalmatian beach moments, I would like to share with you some „must haves“ on my way to the beach. Talking about Dalmatian beaches, I am just about to head out to one.

Sharing this summery like, colorful photo would like to inspire you not to miss experiencing our best mode of chill-out summer glances.

Well, Summer in Dalmatia!

For all of you new comers, let me just give you some insights about our stunning coastline.  Just to avoid any misunderstandings (you know what they say: “the holiday is good as much as it meets your expectations!”- and I am with you on that one)…

First of all, our East Adriatic coastline consists of approx 1.200 islands spread out in front of approx. 900 km of a stripling (following East Adriatic coastal road) from Porec on the far North- West of Adriatic all the way to Dubrovnik, at the far South-East of Adriatic. When we say 1.200 we gathered all the reefs, islets, rocks and the “real islands” on a batch and the result is this. Being a “small nation” of only 4.000 inhabitants approx. makes us want to pump up things a little bit. But, still – an impressive number for a small country as the slogan once was: “the small country for a “grand” vacation” or something like that… Just to conclude: only 60 of those 1.200 are inhabited.

Explaining  furthermore, if you are trying to find your perfect long sandy beach as you’ve seen on the photos from U.S., Australia, UK, maybe along some Mediterranean coves, you would have to do a lot of effort. That’s not the way to go.

Instead of sometimes “sludgy” sand  that sneaks into your swim-wear you would be able to find some gorgeous, intimate (by intimate I mean not too big, not to crowded and not artificial) authentic pebble coves / bays splashed with the clarity of Adriatic blue sea… inviting you to jump in, especially in the warm months of June, July and August.  And let’s be honest and admit that the white, silver & gold sand exists only on some unique spots in Europe, Caribbeans, Indian Ocean & Pacific, Hawaii and on many, many Instagram photos.

Once we realize that Dalmatian beaches are not sandy, but mostly pebbly, smaller that the Ocean ones and not hostile at all (and that’s the “key”)… and that the sea is clear as it could be at most of the places, we can plan our perfect day at one of the gorgeous beach-bays that surround the city of Split or at one of the nearby islands. Note that the ones that are “hidden & secret” are the most appreciated.

Before you head out there to spend the “perfect day” at the sea-side, to be able to enjoy at your maximum do not forget to put those items in your bag (I will start with the less obvious ones to avoid being predictable):

  • Diving mask (most of the time it’s very interesting to explore the sea bad and grab a few Adriatic sea-shells that are on the list of the “allowed picking items” and they are the loveliest memory to bring back home from your holiday
  • 1 + 1 swimming suite (while one is drying of the next one is ready to be used)
  • Light summer dress which is easy to pull on & off or “shorts”
  • Pareo (“Fullard” or a summer scarf which gives you ability to move on towards the beach and back without thinking whether you are appropriately dressed when you stop by for a tea & coffee or a beer in the nearby beach-bar
  • Sun lotion block (the sun nowadays could be strong and it’s not a joke that could be harmful from noon to 4 p.m. too
  • A Beach towel
  • Sun glasses, hat or a cap
  • Flippers (if you are not that much of a swimmer… would not want to offend anyone though) If, in some case, you decide to bring those “plastic beach shoes” with a “questionable aesthetic standards” you would be recognized as a tourist with a blink of an eye, or at least a “German” or a “UK” one. On the other side – flip flops or Birkenstock “loafers” are some of the local kind of sandal wear. But, let’s just leave those etiquette’s aside and think that the most comfortable shoe wear is the right one for you. In or out of the “water”, off course
  • A Bottle of spring water
  • An “inspiring & interesting” book

And at last, but not least to conclude… the most challenging assignment is to find THAT perfect-hidden treasured bay that only well informed locals know about. The rest of it just main stream flow.

Hope to take you at one of those “beauties”!